How we work
1. Analytics
You send everything you can provide, describe the mandatory blocks that the site will consist of, we conduct analytics and prepare a proposal for you on price and deadlines.
2. Prototype
We make corrections, finally agree on the website prototype (technical assignment), agree on functionality, fix the price, deadlines, and additional terms.
3. Payment and Creation
f you like everything - we issue an invoice for payment and immediately begin work on the layout, filling and customizing the site
4. Launch
Publish the site, make final edits and test it for a few days
Based on Tilda CMS
  • Really FAST
    Create a site on Tilde using standard blocks (templates) takes the shortest possible time - from 1-2 days
  • Adaptive
    Websites created on Tilda are originally adapted for display on different devices
  • Unique
    The system allows you to create a completely unique website design in accordance with your corporate identity, as well as connect the necessary modules of interaction with the user
  • Functionally
    Tilda provides a huge number of functions that can be connected to the site - from payment modules to create personal accounts and online courses
  • Easy
    Making changes to the content of the site is easy even for untrained professionals, the interface and logic of Tilda super user-friendly
  • Interactive
    Provides functionality for "animation" of the design elements of the site, which will help distinguish your site from competitors
Have a honor to present some of our works
*An approximate cost is provided so that you can calculate an approximate budget for the project. The final cost depends on many factors that we discuss with you after providing pre-filled brief for the site
launch from 1 days
€ 1 000
  • 1 or 2 page web-stie based on classic blocks
Feedback form with notification to email / Telegram

Domain set up and https protocol for site

Adaptive version of all pages

I'm in!
launch in 14 days
€ 3 000
  • Everything what in "Easy-peasy" & "ASAP" packages and more:
  • Step-by-step unique animation for different elements
  • Users accounts system
  • Online store (max items - 5000)
  • Payment system integration and online payments
  • Design and technical support
*Landing, multiple page site, presentation page, company site, event-site, online-store e.t.c.
I'm in!
No limit
Right now!!!
  • All what we can do for you and what Tilda able =)
I'm in!
It is not a public offer. Conditions for each customer are determined individually.
By the way, this pages made with 80% classic blocks
Why us?
We take a very responsible approach to the creation of the site
    Beauty is an important aspect of any website. We try to do our best to make your site look attractive and pleasing to the eye, both to you and to us. We take care of every detail, from the color scheme to the layout of the elements on the page. Until we like the site, you won't see it.
    We pay great attention to logic and design clarity. We strive to make the site as convenient and intuitive for users as possible. We believe that good design should be not only beautiful, but also functional and understandable.
    Adaptability of your site to mobile devices is very important these days. We guarantee that your site will be fully adaptable to any device, allowing visitors to easily access your content from any device.
    We are happy to work on each project, come up with "tricks" and effective solutions thanks to our extensive expertise in marketing, design and sales, and can even take the risk of criticizing some of your ideas.
    We offer non-standard solutions when using standard blocks, we are proud that our work is diverse, interesting and cool, bringing real benefits to our customers in the form of increased profits and attracting new customers.
For a more accurate calculation of the cost of services, please fill out the form of technical specifications on the site
Contact us
Write to us - do not hesitate. We are nice ;)
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